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What's special about your site?

Heronext is a site where you can buy comic books that other collectors and dealers have listed for sale, or list comic books for sale from your own collection. It is similar to eBay, but designed specifically for comic books, with great features you won't find on any other website. For example, you can choose your own start and end years for Golden, Silver, Bronze Age, etc., or create your own eras with a custom name. Our listings have links to the CGC census, verification tool, Grand Comics Database, and DC and Marvel wiki pages.

Who can list comic books for sale here?

Anyone can express interest in selling comics on this site. We will ask you a few questions about your previous sales experience and feedback to ensure a mature, responsible seller community, and then you should be good to go.

Who might want to use Heronext?

Anyone who wants to buy or sell a comic book, or upload a portion of their collection to view online when they are away from home, or share with other people. You can add 10 books to your online collection, 1,000 books or 10,000 books. It doesn't matter.

Who might not want to use Heronext?

Heronext is easy and fun to use. With that said, if you are not good with computers, or don't own a digital camera or a scanner, you might prefer bringing your comics down to the local swap meet.

Is it safe to buy comics here?

Heronext uses industry-leading technology to secure all data saved or shared on our site. Payment terms are between a buyer and a seller, and transactions are at your own risk. Many third party payment services (for example PayPal and credit card companies) offer protection against fraud, and you should familiarize yourself with their terms.

How do I pay for comics that I buy here?

Each seller lists forms of payment accepted. We expect the majority of transactions to be completed via an online payment service such as PayPal. These services may charge a payment fee for the transfer of funds and you should read their terms and conditions.

Can I list things for sale on your site and in other places at the same time?

We ask for a one-week exclusive listing, after which you can advertise your comics anywhere you like. If your comic is no longer for sale, we ask that you keep your Heronext listings updated accordingly.

Can I sell comics auction-style? Can I sell lots or collections?

Heronext currently does not support auction-style listings. "Make an Offer" -style listings however are coming soon. We do not currently support listing of lots, runs or collections.

Can I get kicked off your site?

We don't anticipate this, but consistently low feedback or gross ignorance of our mission to nurture a safe and pleasant community experience would be grounds for closure of a membership.

Can I sell other things here besides comic books?

The site specializes in comic books only. This has enabled us to dedicate our design for the most efficient, enjoyable experience for buying and selling comic books available on the web.