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We think cycle touring is the ideal way to travel in Europe and that is why we are very pleased to launch European Bike Adventures, as it allows us the opportunity to offer a whole new set of experiences to people we know will appreciate them.

Accordingly we have taken our time in selecting the portfolio of cycle tours you find listed here. A selection of hand-picked bike trips in spectacular places throughout Europe that focus on fun with the same attention to detail and quality that hundreds of our very satisfied clients have been enjoying with Ibero Cycle Tours since 1999.

If any questions arise while browsing the tours, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to inform and help you decide on your next European Bike Adventure.

Meet Our Team

Simon Proffitt For over 25 years as founder and director of IberoCycle Tours and European Bike Adventures, Simon has been engaged from the desk to the saddle with designing and planning some of the most respected tours in the industry. Simon´s attention to detail and exuberance for the nature, food and culture of Europe runs through all our tours. An avid cyclist in his spare time, Simon jumps at the chance to ride whether leading groups or discovering new routes with friends.
Simon Proffitt From: Lancashire, England Resides: Cantabria, Spain Role: EBA and IberoCycle founder/director, tour leader Interests: music, film
Rosa Blanco From the Canary Islands with family roots in the coastal valleys of Galicia, Rosa works in our Cantabria office honing out the details of cycle tours but can also be found riding alongside our clients as a support guide. Her training as a Physical Education professor is always welcome on a tour as is her exuberant personality!
Rosa Blanco From: Gran Canaria. Spain Resides: Santander, Spain Role: administration, bookings, tour guide Interests: handball coach, physical education
Ignacio Silva With years of experience working in South America, England, Norway, Italy and France, a postgraduate degree in Ecotourism, and a zest for travel, Ignacio has been a invaluable part of our team since 2010. Always thrilled to meet people and exchange travel stories after a day cycle touring, he is one of our most popular guides with our clients.
Ignacio Silva From: Santiago, Chile Resides: Santander, Spain Role: tour guide Interests: hiking, travel, photography
Borja Fernández One of those people who has never stopped riding bicycles, Borja cycles to work and is a competitive mountain and road cyclist as well as the professional mechanic takes after our fleet of bikes at our headquarters in Cantabria. He is also perfectly happy on the road helping guide tours, many of which he helped design and plan.
Borja Fernández From: Cantabria, Spain Resides: Cantabria, Spain Role: fleet mechanic, tour guide, logistics Interests: history of Spanish cuisine
Montesclaros Sierra Cuesta Montes is the link between a successful cycle tour and a happy client. Superb communication skills and Montes´ extensive educational and professional experience in the tourism industry in England and Spain is what our clients look forward to when planning their tours and what has been the backbone to the success of our cycle tours.
Montesclaros Sierra Cuesta From: Cantabria, Spain Resides: Cantabria, Spain Role: client services, logistics and administration Interests: travel, music and dance
Sergio Cabañas A trained geologist and professional mountain and cycling guide, Sergio is our all terrain cycle guide. Sergio enjoys leading groups and having conversations in English and Spanish in which he can share his enthusiasm for outdoor sports combined with a wide knowledge of the terrain and ecosystems of the Iberian Peninsula.
Sergio Cabañas From: Cantabria, Spain Resides: Cantabria, Spain Role: cycle tour guide Interests: rock and ice climbing, backcountry snowboarding

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