• the elegant seaside resort of Santander
  • tapas of Santander, anchovies of Cantabria, cider of Asturias, cheeses from the Picos de Europa
  • mountain & ocean views from fishing village of San Vicente de la Barquera
  • the charming fishing villages of Asturias: Llanes, Ribadesella, Lastres
  • dinosaur footprints and the Jurassic Museum of Colunga
8 Days
7 Nights
263 Total kms
43.833333333333 km/day (avg)
Follow the beautiful coastline of Northern Spain, between the elegant cities of Santander and Gijón. Fatnastic coastlne, cliffs and beaches, fishing villages, great cuisine, cider and cheeses. A wonderful tour.

Tour Route

Arrival point

Arrive at Santander hotel by own means. Spend the rest of the day exploring the city, the marvellous bay, the fine beaches, and the tapas bars.

Santillana del Mar

We leave Santander along the waterfront, taking in the magnificent views across the Bay, the Magdalena Palace and Beach, and the beautiful beaches of El Sardinero. From here we head west again past the unspoilt beaches of Liencres, with views down the coast and to the Picos de Europa mountains. Here we are following the pilgrims trail of El Camino de Santiago. A fine bike path takes us down the River Besaya towards the sea and the village of Suances. From here it is only a short ride to the beautiful medieval village of Santillana del Mar. 54 km - 34 miles

Santillana del Mar
San Vicente de la Barquera

From Santillana we continue westwards to the village of Novales, with its lemon groves. More beach and coastal scenery takes us to Comillas, with its many Modernist buildings, the most famous of which is El Capricho, built by the Catalán architect Antoni Gaudí. Our journey takes us through the Natural Park of Oyambre, with its beautiful beaches and coastline towards tonight's resting place in the seaside fishing village of San Vicente de la Barquera. 36 km - 20 miles

San Vicente de la Barquera

Leaving San Vicente the route heads westwards along the coast. After a short distance, cycle around the beautiful headland of Pechón with its magnificent views of the coastline. Crossing the River Deva in Unquera we enter the province of Asturias. The village of Colombres is home to the sumptuous villas of the indianos, emigrants to the Americas who made their fortune and then returned. From here, the route continues between the coast and the dramatic mountain backdrop of the Sierra de Cuera, foothills of the Picos de Europa. A beautiful descent through eucalyptus forests brings us back to the coast, where we cycle past beautiful and unspoilt beaches to arrive at the charming fishing village of Llanes. 47 km - 30 miles


Cycle westwards and visit a string of fine beaches, including the incredible landlocked beach of Gulpiyuri. We continue, with the magnificent coastline to our right, and the beautiful mountains of the Sierra de Cuera and the Picos de Europa to our left. Finally we reach Ribadesella. Here we can spend time enjoying this pretty Asturian fishing village with its beach and lively atmosphere. 44 km - 27 miles


Our route continues along the coast from Ribadesella. We pass beaches with footprints of dinosaurs. Colunga is home to an impressive Jurassic Museum. Lastres is a wonderful fishing village with spectacular views along the coast. Finally, we reach the town of Villaviciosa, at the head of the estuary of the same name, in the heart of Asturian cider country. Spend the evening sampling this typical local beverage.

Our final day takes us to Gijón, a beautiful coastal city of Asturias. From Villaviciosa, we ride along the estuary towards the sea. Our route takes in some spectacular coastline and beaches, including the Playa de España. Gijón has great beaches, Roman remains and a buzzing atmosphere and makes a great end to our tour.



  • Accommodation with en-suite bathroom
    Transport to and from arrival / departure points - normally Bilbao or Santander, airports, ferryports, railway stations, bus stations
    Information Pack (Route Guide and maps)
    Luggage transport between hotels
    Partial rider transport wheh the itinerary includes this within a certain day's activities

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